My name is Chris Wethington. I'll be honest and say that I don't really consider myself to be the most fashionable person. I typically enjoy wearing a tee shirt and jeans, and I usually like my tees to be black with some sort of simple or geometric design on them (go figure, right?).

 As you'll read in the short blurb below, Theoria Apparel is really a division of a larger company, Theoria Group. I started Theoria Group in February of 2018 initially as an artist management agency. I've played guitar in bands for over a decade, and in 2018 I decided to start offering some of what I knew to other like-minded musicians.

To be honest, my band (Softspoken - go check us out, we're pretty rad) had been burned pretty bad by a few "people of power" in the industry, and I got tired of dealing with people who put on a fake face but really only wanted to make money from my hard work without really caring about what the message was.

I started taking courses and classes about the music industry and management. There was one manager who asked: "What is success? What does it mean to you?" And he said his job as a manager was finding that answer for the bands he worked with, and then helping them reach whatever that success was.

I thought about that a lot, and asked myself: What does success mean to me? What's important for success? Is it money? Power? Nah, not really. To me success is seeing someone else succeed from something I've been able to teach them or help them with. It's sharing experiences and knowledge for the greater good.

The more I thought about all of this, I thought of an old EP I'd written on my own that I called Theoria. I've always been VERY into ancient Greek and Roman history and culture. The concept of that EP (which I never finished and probably never will go back to, honestly) was truth. What is truth? At that time in my life I was going through a lot of changes and gradually developed the idea - that I still hold - that truth can be different from person to person.

Just as everyone has their own truth, I think everyone has their own idea or definition of what success is, and what's necessary to attain it. For me, I defined four traits that I think are important to my personal success: Passion, Integrity, Creativity, and Humility.

PASSION for what you do;

INTEGRITY in how you do it;

CREATIVITY in overcoming obstacles;

and HUMILITY in success.

Being in a band, I understand the importance of merch. It's a walking advertisement; not just for the band or brand selling it, but for the person who's wearing it, too. As the consumer, it's a way to show what you care about, what you think or feel, or what you support.

So, I decided to create Theoria Apparel as a way to challenge people to think about what's important to them. I've branded it with my four traits - or the pillars to my theory - but your success can be defined however you choose.

And I truly believe that you can find it.

If you read through all of this, you're a saint. Here's 10% off your next order. SAINTLYREADER.



Theoria Apparel is a division of Theoria Group LLC, a creative services business.