As a growing brand, we are always looking for new partners to help spread the word about our name and what we're about, and of course we want to help you, too. To that end, we've developed the Theoria Affiliate Program.


  • Use this code - AFFILIATEME - and get 25% off your first order.
  • We'll email you with a special affiliate discount code good for 15% off orders.
  • Post about the brand, your threads, link to the store, and use the code we give you. Any purchase made with YOUR code, you get half of our net profit from it.
  • Once the first sale from your code comes in, we'll share a Google Doc documenting all sales made with your code. (And it's a private doc - no one else can see it!)
  • Any time you reach $50 in affiliate commission, we'll PayPal it over to you.

It's that easy!

We'll be honest. Starting out, our profit margins are thin so don't expect huge amounts of money per sale. But, as we grow, so do you!

Have other questions? Send an email to